Leadership Development Admission Requirements

Requirements to attend

Those applying to attend Gateway School of Ministry must be at least 18 years old (exceptions can be made for younger students who have parental permission, and pastoral recommendation).

  • Applicants need to be committed, active members in good standing in a local church
  • For members of Gateway City Church, completion of all four Grow Tracks is required
  • Those applying for level 2 or 3 training must submit pastoral recommendation along with their application
  • Those applying for level 2 need to complete assessments described on the application form

Student devotions

You will develop and maintain a devotional life during the school year consisting of:

  • At least 30 minutes/day in prayer, meditation, and journaling
  • At least 5 chapters/day in Bible reading

You will be held accountable for your devotional life.  We feel that since it is impossible to be effective in ministry apart from a solid, consistent relationship with God, you need to make your devotional life a priority .You will need to purchase a journal where you can record your devotional experiences

Attendance (where applicable)

You should decide before you enroll whether or not you are willing and able to commit the time required to attend classes and complete the mentoring practicums and other activities that are part of the school training.  

We ask that students make a reasonable effort to make Gateway School of Ministry a priority .Credit will not be given if students miss an excessive number of classes, fail to turn in assignments, or fail to complete the requirements of their mentoring practicum agreements in a timely manner.

If you need, for whatever reason, to withdraw from Gateway School of Ministry, written notification needs to be given to the director. Those who withdraw without written notice will not be accepted back into Gateway School of Ministry at a later date without specific permission from the director.

Personal Appearance and Demeanor

For group classes and mentoring practicums modesty and good taste are the standard.  The bottom line is, personal dress and behavior should not be a distraction to anyone.  Any questions concerning what is appropriate should be addressed to the director, or the student’s mentor.  Students need to conduct themselves in a manner fitting to their ministry environments.

Every part of your life as a student of Gateway School of Ministry should reflect awareness that you are a representative of the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, it is expected that you will avoid anything that might be detrimental to your Christian witness and/or spiritual growth and maturity.Contact the director if you need further clarification.  You need to be willing to comply with the following:

  • Recognize the authority and follow the dictates contained in the Bible in all areas related to personal conduct and moral standards
  • Commit, by the grace of God, to producing the fruit of the Spirit in your life (Galatians 5:22-23)
  • Commit, by the grace of God, to serve him by serving others (Romans 12:9-19)

Ministry Practicums

Level 2 and 3 students are required to participate in ministry practicums.  Practicums are learning experiences where students engage in actual ministry work with their mentors.  Practicums consist of:

  • Specific ministry skills the student is expected to master
  • Specific character traits the student is expected to develop and exhibit

Students will meet with their mentor upon enrollment to go over details of their assigned practicum, which will be written out.  Both student and mentor must agree to the terms of the practicum, the results of which will be evaluated and recorded in the student’s profile.

Registration process

Fill out the appropriate application form for the year you are applying for – Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3

Level 1 classes can be taken individually.  See individual class sign up form and class schedule.

Fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the term unless classes are being taken on an individual basis.  See fee schedule.  

If you are applying for Year 2 or 3, you will be assigned a personal mentor upon enrollment, who will contact you and begin the process of setting up your mentoring agreement and ministry practicum.  

Deadline for applications for the 2019-20 term is August 23.  

Fee Schedule

There is no tuition for attending Gateway School of Ministry.  Fees are charged per class to cover costs of materials, and of supporting our website and online learning platform.  Fees are as follows:

1. For classes that meet on site Tuesday night or weekend intensives, $5 for class notes.

2. Online classes are $25 each. Please see the "ONLINE COURSES" section for details.

3. Students will need to purchase any books required for specific classes