A Vision for Ten Cities

Answering the cry of souls in cities around us

In May of 2016, the Holy Spirit spoke to our Lead Pastor through a prophetic vision, about extending the reach of the Kingdom into 10 cities as in the biblical region of the Decapolis. This vision has motivated us to develop an apostolic model of ministry and to train new leaders to implement this strategy.

A Ten City Apostolic Movement

When I think about our call to reach ten cities, I have to ask myself, Lord is it possible that people sitting here in our church could become the pastors, elders, worship leaders, and intercessors of a ten-city apostolic movement? Could it be that there are even more places where this one heart and one vision could spread out and touch ten cities?

Dr. David Cannistraci

You have a place in fulfilling this vision!

Do you have a passion to reach people, to develop leaders, to teach and to serve? Gateway School of Ministry exists to prepare you for leadership as we expand the presence of the Kingdom into multiple cities.