Our Equipping Process

Gateway School of Ministry believes people learn best through hands on experience in addition to other types of instruction. We utilize several different equipping methods to train our students. They include:

  • Classroom instruction

  • Self-directed learning through book assignments, intensives, and online video classes

  • Mentoring, and experience gained through designated ministry practicums

Our Leadership Development Program - Three Levels of Equipping

Our equipping process at Gateway School of Ministry consists of three levels

LEVEL 1 - Lead Self

In the first level, students learn to lead themselves by:

  • Becoming self-motivated followers of Jesus Christ

  • Obeying his commands, and teachings

  • Imitating His Lifestyle and values.

  • Living out His ministry and mission

LEVEL 2 - Lead Others

In LEVEL 2 - Students will learn and be mentored in:

  • The practical essentials of how to disciple others

  • How to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in deliverance and healing, and prophetic ministry.

  • How to help others grow and mature in their faith.

  • How to be effective and fruitful within their ministry stream

LEVEL 3 - Lead Leaders

In LEVEL 3 - Students will be taught to:

  • Recruit, train, develop, and manage teams of leaders

  • Develop and implement ministry vision and strategy

  • Create a ministry culture of outreach and disciple making

  • Help others be fruitful and effective in their ministries